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Jumaat, 7 Mac 2014

6 points of Utilitariansm

Six Points About Utilitarianism

Points 1
The greatest happiness for the greatest number- besides happiness must consider unhappiness or pain

example : 
Action   one      8 units of happiness
                        4 units of unhappiness
net worth         4 units of happiness

Action two      10 units of happiness
                        7 units of happiness
net wort           3 units of happiness

choose the action that brings fewer units of unhappiness
Points 2
Action affect people to different degrees - add up the various pleasure and pains and go with the action that brings about the greatest net amount of happiness.

Playing radio loudly
Enhance a little pleasure - 2 person
Cause significant discomfort - 2 person

Points 3
Action produce different results in some particular circumstances, almost anything might, in principle, be morally right in some particular circumstances

Example : 
Playing Breaking a promise generally produces unhappiness but under certain circumstances, happiness can be produced by breaking a promise than by keeping it

Points 4
Long Term effect of an act must be considered.

Lying might seem a good way out of a tought situation, but if and when the people was deceive find out, not only will they be unhappy, but our reputations and our relationships with them will damaged.

Points 5
Choose the act can give the likely or expected happiness which is as great as possible.

Points 6

Do thing sincerely and honestly. Morally principled

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