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Jumaat, 30 Mei 2014


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          In this case study is associated with the smell of cigarettes in the workplace in a firm Redwood Associates, the complaint is Darlene Lambert. Darlene complained to his supervisor Charles Renford , associated with the smell of cigarettes in the file room at their firm . Darlene is not satisfied with the condition the cigarette smell epoch in the file room and was disappointed with the employees who work there because of the smoke in there. Darlene decided to take a stand and inform Renfold that he refused to work in the file room . This is in danger due to report immediately. In the four questions below I will try to explain the situation and also policies on smokers . I will also explain how the absence of cigarette smoke, but replaced with body odor and perfume from Fank and Alice . I will try to resolve fairly the rights of smokers and non- smokers . And also explain how the firm should or should not hire people who smoke . Although in principle the firm can provide a smoking area.

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