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Selasa, 18 Februari 2014



- Allocation of specific business process to a specialist external service provider. Refers to getting work done in a different country, usually to leverage cost advantages. It's possible to outsource work but not offshore it; for example, hiring an outside law firm to review contracts instead of maintaining an in-house staff of lawyers. It is also possible to offshore work but not outsource it; for example, a Dell customer service center in India to serve American clients.
Offshore outsourcing is the practice of hiring a vendor to do the work offshore, usually to lower costs and take advantage of the vendor's expertise, economies of scale, and large and scalable labor pool.

Why Offshoring
Lack of expert-labor in some portions of the business process.Availability of cheaper labor, whilst not comprising on the quality of output.Ability and feasibility to concentrate on the other crucial business process.

Offshoring Streams
Content Development Web Design and Maintenance Recruitment Logistics Technical/Customer Support

Comparison Between Off shoring and Outsourcing

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